Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting yourself into better shape can start today. It isn’t too late. You’re never too fat or too old to start eating better, and only certain people with certain medical restrictions have valid excuses for not eating better or getting more exercise. Even people with medical problems usually have alternative solutions.

If you’re older, or even if you’re young but you’ve been dieting unsuccessfully for many years, you first may need to undo some extra damage. The longer you indulge in unhealthy eating habits, the more ingrained they become and the harder they are to change. The more times you go on a temporary diet, lose weight, and then gain it back again, the more total weight you’re likely to gain. After a number of years, you may be heavier than if you hadn’t gone on any diets at all.

The trick now is to never give up hope and play an active role in developing a healthful, lower-calorie eating plan you can stick to for your lifetime. The following sections provide advice for folks who are new to healthy eating and for those of you who are weight-management veterans. You have the benefit of diet wisdom now. Use it!

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