Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In This Chapter
  • Comprehending calories and your metabolism
  • Looking at your dieting past
  • Determining your next dieting move
  • Taking measures to get to a healthy weight

The health and fitness business is booming, and more information about diet and nutrition is available than ever before. However, government statistics show that at least 30 percent, or almost one-third, of American adults are overweight. Translated to real numbers, approximately 60 million people in this country may improve their health prospects if they lose some of their excess weight. And that figure doesn’t include the one out of five American children who are also carrying around more fat than medical experts believe is healthy.

Assessing your current weight situation and figuring out how you arrived in this state of being overweight are important first steps toward permanent weight control. This chapter can help you uncover this information as well as provide many helpful charts and formulas for figuring out just how far you are from your healthiest weight.

This chapter also contains plenty of food for thought to help you examine your weight history and understand its relevance to your current weight-loss goals. This information is necessary for success because you have to know where you are now before you can figure out where you’re going next. And you also need to know how you arrived at the weight you are now, so that it doesn’t happen again!

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